For exceptionally importantรฅ` occasions

Small intimate events with no loud music
Host an intimate braai at questionably the most beautiful location in the world
Wedding Ceremony
Unmatched photogenic location for a brides preparation as music starts playing moments before the ceremony. Apply for your permit here
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Small Film Crew
Tranquility and some anonymity are upheld through our promise to look after and maintain these locations. Please help us, by following our laws of the land, pick any litter and not draw any attention to ourselves while visiting.
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Book a 4 hour shoot
No copyright, all right to artist
Book a 4 hour shoot
Wedding reception
Celebrate with family and friends during season under the shade of the milk woods trees
Host a reception
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Curated options below
Stay a long weekend at The Cottage
Includes wifi, coffee, soaps, towels, boards & suits. Firewood & gas cooking, but please think fire safety ๐Ÿงฏ Cleaning on request
Reserve a long weekend at The Shack -
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Book an entire week at The Shack
Get Familiar with the House Manual and explore your the curated guidebook of places to eat and explore
Book an entire week -
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Small gathering
Film Shoots & Wedding Receptions
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Long term (Out of season)
Internet and weekly cleaner
Month by month -
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